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I was over in Spain running a few open mic nights when I received a call from The Acoustic Festival Of Britain asking if I would do a set.  A few agents saw the gig and that was me on my own wee voyage of self rediscovery.  Singer Songwriter Circles, Library gigs, Unison Congresses, Guitar Workshops and a van load of Fests...  The next thing I remember was wakening up in hospital after a 2 day check out!   I had been floored with Viral Encephalitis.  The physical side of things  recovered OK but it leaves you with Post-Encephalitic Syndrome that comes with its own duvet to retreat under for years..... Some fine people helped me through it all:  Help Musicians & The P.R.S. Benelovent Fund to name just a couple......Freedom Peace Love & Joy, Eric X

Review  FOLK RADIO   www.folkradio.co.uk/2020/08/eric-faulkner

Tom Morton: Beatcroft Social/ 60 North Radio... (GHOSTS) "Terrific song. So poignant given what's happened this week at Ferguson Marine's shipyard in Greenock."....   One of Scotland's best known radio voices, Tom Morton brings you a personal choice of music from Scottish Indie to Folk. (Warning: There may be poetry and whisky).             www.60north.radio/shows/beatcroft-social/ 

Liz Franklin: The Folk Garden (Blues & Roots Radio)...  "I love the songs (and the politics behind them I must add). The subject matter is right up my street. I tried to listen without any preconceptions about the music. I really was pleasantly surprised. In fact the first track, I can honestly say, made my jaw drop. I loved it.www.bluesandrootsradio.com    www.facebook.com/lizatfolkgarden/.

Karin Ingram: The Sunday Getherin' (TD1 Radio & Blues & Roots Radio)... "Great songs.  Meaningful lyrics with wonderful tunes that stay in your head long after the last note plays." www.td1radio.scot   www.bluesandrootsradio.com   www.facebook.com/SundayGetherin/ 

Steve Clarke: Strange Brew (Radio Skye) ... (GHOSTS) ''I really liked that... Loved the guitar and the words, and the voice is just right for that kind of song... (LONG WAY FROM MIAMI) ''I had to play it. It's so powerful. I was trying to think of a parallel, and the closest I could think of in terms of simple power in a song is Karine Polwart's 'Waterlily' that tells of savagery in The Bosnian War. I'll leave it for you to go find about The Miami Showband Massacre."        www.radioskye.com (Thurs 8.00pm).